Monday, April 27, 2020


Even though the Trump administration wishes to bankrupt the United States Postal Service (Republicans forced through a pension-funding requirement more onerous, nay punitive, to which no other businesses OR branches of government must adhere) in order to force privatization and do harm to small business which relies on the Post Office, they are hiring. Which is quite remarkable. That shows faith that despite Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and other gangsters, society will not fall apart.

Personally I do not have quite that level of faith.

I noticed this morning that two of the boxes for this building got broken into overnight. Mail strewed helter-skelter, oolta-poolta, every which way.
For which I will also blame republicans.
Crime is utterly all-American.
Very 'free enterprise'.

Fortunately, the entrepreneur who did it raided the boxes for two of the vacant units. On a Sunday night during shelter-in-place.

The rest of us check our boxes shortly after mid-day, because we're waiting for our stimulus checks or tax refunds, long delayed, probably due to government inefficiency or bureaucratic torpor.
Nothing in those boxes to steal.

That stupidity (Sunday night, fergadsakes!) is also all-American.

It's what Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham would do.

If they weren't Republican Politicians.

There were notices that the Post Office is hiring.
I might just apply for one of those jobs.
It's a commendable outfit.
All American.

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