Monday, April 06, 2020


When I still lived in Berkeley, I added two Comoy Lovatts and a Liverpool, all Blue Ribands, to my pipe collection. Oddly, once I moved to San Francisco I hardly ever smoked them, probably because the entire Berkeley period started giving me a bad taste. It wasn't the best time of my life. There are no friends left from the period when I worked at Drucquers. Can't really explain it; it's complicated, and it just happened that way. There are no friends left in Southern California from that time either. But remarkably, I still have some tins of the Drucquer tobacco blends.

Recently I pulled some of the old pipes out. Including a Comoy Blue Riband from that period. Still smokes as good as ever, though I did not load it with Blend 805 or Trafalgar.

It wasn't the best period of my life, but some good things remain from those years. Some very splendid pipes, the seeds of a collection of ceramics which has since grown, and the beginnings of my library. And a habit of introspection which, probably, made me a better person; in my twenties I was not a very nice individual, I'm probably more human now.

Pipes, pottery, books.
A quieter man.


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Jeff F. said...

Ah, Trafalgar....

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