Thursday, March 05, 2020


It all seems so long ago, doesn't it? But it's a part of the record, and you shouldn't forget. It also comes regurgitated, eaten away by stomach acids and enzymes, saturated with 'juices', thus efficiently rendered into smaller water soluble molecules which can easily be absorbed into the brain.

News headlines, rephrased for your ease of comprehension:

1. Italy bans public education.

2. Angry Swedish girl.

3. Old man back from dead.

4. Rich New Yorker ends it.

5. Leader demands children.

6. Aussie fisherman snags necklace.

7. Peace deal bombs.

8. Old men speeches.

9. Sickness upwards.

10. Maybe worry.

Remember, I read the news so that you don't have to.
You don't want to see it anyway.
I digest it.

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