Thursday, March 19, 2020


Many people are outraged by Donald Trump calling it the Chinese Virus. Largely because it stigmatizes an ethnicity and furthers bigotry against Asians. While I can see their point, I am not upset; I've always known that there was a percentage of the white population that was blisteringly racist. Being a white person, you naturally get to hear that stuff from other whites. Black jokes. Asian jokes. Jew jokes. Plus weird crap about food, skin, public pools, crime stats made out of whole cloth, and other things.

No, the Chinese do not deep-fry live dogs. Please think of what would happen if anyone put a whole live animal in a deep-fryer. And remember houses burning down when Thanksgiving rolls around each year. But that person remained unconvinced when I informed him of that. Nor are the Chinese habitually eaters of bats and rats.

I can't remember which city in the Netherlands has the reputation for liking fried rat, based on their WWII experiences, but BTW, the French are frog-eaters, folks in Mississississipi love possum, and Louisianans live almost entirely off reptiles and sautéed flithy swamp things.

Texans eat armadillos, and keep voting for retards.

What I'm getting at is that I cannot be too disappointed in some of my fellow Americans of Caucasian or Black heritage, because I never though better of them anyway. I was told to go the hell back to where I came from in the first year that I was back in the States.
Back. In. The. States.

Look, it's not the majority, but one blistering asshole can ruin someone's day. And most people really aren't prepared to confront assholery when it happens near them, feel embarrassed when the incident is over, and wish they had done something.

The other day on the bus someone told me that because I spoke Chinese to another passenger I stood a higher chance of getting the virus.
But he kept ten feet away when he said that.

I suppose if I spoke French, I'd stand a better chance of getting syphilis. Though probably not as good as all those college kids spring-breaking in Miami right now.

Yes, I wish I had punched his lights out. But ever since I've been put on blood thinners for high blood pressure (and please remember that a VERY LARGE PERCENTAGE of Italians who died of the Trump Virus also had that), I have been a bit more cautious about confronting morons; it wouldn't take much for me to bleed out. Or in any case bleed a whole lot more than the other guy.

[And clopidogrel (Plavix). Nothing clots. One rather minor cut or scrape, and the bleeding goes on for hours. Drip drip drippity drip.]

There's not a whole heck of a lot one can do about in-bred Jed-ism. It happens. But if we just keep objecting to it, and speaking out, eventually the dumbasses in our own slice of heaven, as well as the Aussies, Italians, English, Frenchmen, Texans, and Dutch people will be more hesitant about letting their asses show, and perhaps even stop shagging sheep.
And maybe, just maybe, they'll wash a bit more often.

Gotta remain positive about it all.


The Hong Kong Cantonese often casually refer to COVID 19 as 武漢肺炎 ('mouhon feiyim'), which means "Wuhan Pneumonia". But the correct long-winded terms are 嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎 ('yim jung dak sue chuen yim sing fei yim') or 2019冠狀病毒病 ('yi ling yat kau kun jong beng duk beng'), "severe extraordinarily contagious lung inflammation" or "2019 crown-form illness toxin disease" respectively.

I'm fairly certain that my death certificate will say Covid19; pneumonia.

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