Thursday, March 12, 2020


A few weeks ago or more a reader from Latin America sent me a message:
"Hey there. I came here looking for the source of the pipe smoking badger. As I love stories involving animals, and I love pipes, can you tell me where the hell comes all those pipe smoking badgers???"

The short answer is that I really like the book 'The Wind in the Willows', and can identify thoroughly with the character of Mister Badger, who is not particularly social. Although a very decent sort of creature.

The long answer throws a measure of anomie and Aspergers into the mix, which doesn't clarify anything. My best social moments so far have been one on one, or hiding out at the back of the room, or participating in riots.

The Honey Badger, as part of it's impressive array of defenses, and as a potent offensive "strategy", has an anal pouch that can be turned inside out, producing a damned-well suffocating stench that deters predators.
And has a calming (!) effect on bees.

Unfortunately I have not been so blessed. I must rely on my grumpy attitude (completely fake) and the smell of my pipe tobacco (very pleasantly old-school) to chase away vegans and "why don't you smile" types.
The latter is also strangely appealing to bees.
Which is inexplicable.

The North American Badger and European Badger are only distantly related to the Honey Badger, which is a closer relative of weasels and skunks.

The very first badger illustration here was one showing the animal wearing a rumpled sweater and holding a calabash pipe.

Other drawings soon followed. As well as other animals, a whole menagerie, many smoking their pipes contemplatively. As animals are wont to do.
Including Hello Kitty and Aggretsuko.

The sparkly fellow below shows up under most tobacco related posts; probably the self-portrait I most "identify" with.

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