Tuesday, March 03, 2020


A self-indulgent day, filled with sunshine, butterflies, and flowers. And kittens. Because in an ideal world that is how it's supposed to be. Three pieces of scrumptious shortbread, an equal number of cups of coffee.
Then shave, shower, and out to do the needful.

Voted for Elizabeth Warren. Because in ideal world, senile old white men aren't the rational choice. Visit bank, then head toward lunch smoking a pipe. Jook, you tiu, another pipe. After which a cup of milk tea and a snackipoo. Listening to two gentlemen behind me speaking Burmese, an old gentleman speaking Toishanwaa, and several people speaking Cantonese. Including an old lady purchasing too many buns and pastries to eat by herself, unless she's stockpiling for the coming day when everyone is down with Wuhan Corona Virus, and bakeries are necessarily understaffed. I too do not look forward to that -- where else will I get my snackipoos and cups of milk tea -- but I do not intend to stockpile baked goods.
I just hope I can get my prescriptions refilled at the end of the month, when the Bay Area will probably have hundreds of cases, before my jury duty kicks in. Which will probably be cancelled anyway, because the government does not want hordes of angry possibly infected people stuck in a crowded building coughing at each other. And at the people who work there.
Just in case, I'm practicing my cough.

If absolutely necessary, I will wait up to twenty minutes for the snackipoos and milk tea. There are two places near the clinic in Chinatown where I have an appointment in the middle of April, and I do not expect the staff to be worn out already by mid-morning, seeing as the crowd of elderly Cantonese folks probably won't be there so early, and the Burmese gentlemen don't get in until tea time (late afternoon). But we'll see how it works out.
I'll adjust my schedule as appropriately.

Elizabeth Warren is the only reasonable candidate, given that the other two front runners are both superannuated fossils, one of whom spits when he speechifies and the other one being more than a little bit gaga.

Proper Hong Kong Milk Tea is strong enough to wake you up while calming you down, and goes well with everything you need, such as a flaky charsiu turnover, a coconut tart, or baked porkchop spaghetti.

Government buildings are the perfect places for infectious diseases to spread, besides being filled with asbestos, rat droppings, and overworked frustrated desperate people. And legionaires disease.

Snackipoos: 芝士蘑菇包 ('ji si mo gu baau') cheese and mushroom bun. 雞包 ('gai baau') steamed chicken bun. 奶油包 ('naai yau baau') cream bun. 蔥油條 ('chung yau baau') scallion bun. 菠蘿奶黃包 ('bo lo naai wong baau') pineapple cream bun. 肉鬆包 ('yiuk sung baau') pork floss bun. 朱古力瑞士卷 ('chiu gu lik seui si kuen') chocolate cream Swis roll. 合桃酥 ('hap tou sou') walnut pastry. 皮蛋酥 ('pei daan sou') preserved egg pastry. 椰撻、椰塔 ('ye taat') coconut tart. 豆沙餅 ('dau saa beng') red bean paste biscuit.

Chinese bakeries, which specialize in the items listed above, are good places to observe charming little tykes dawdling in front of display cases admiring all the goodies within. Cakes, pastries, cookies, flaky things ...

Plus of course, the 紙包蛋糕 ('ji bau daan gou').
Paper wrapped cupcake.

Didn't actually see any butterflies or kittens today.
But I could have, and that's important.
There was sun shine.

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