Sunday, March 29, 2020


A long walk in the rain. Drapes are drawn on many windows, perhaps the hermits inside do not want to see the street outside, which is empty and wet. Except for dogs and their pick-up afterers. And that group of people clusterfustering together on one corner, touching distance from each other, because they are young and immortal, and do not worry about respirators becoming a much-desired thing in their lives.

All that was missing was a joint, a six pack, and a boom box.

The boom box was the speaker system on a Harley that zoomed by; the hairy viking driving it kept to the middle of the road and did not stop.

Good man.

I suppose I should look up all the types of dogs I've seen in the past few days. Most of these breeds I cannot identify. The only two beasts I know personally -- and I haven't actually seen them in days -- are a Pekingese owned by a friend a few blocks over, and a dachshund of advanced years opposite, which lives with Mr. Siu and his wife.

The liquor store is open, which is good; intoxication must take place.
The grub-pub is also open; burgers, fries, and nibbly things.
Thai restaurant too. Coconut milk curry and rice.
Plus chili peppers.

Having got up at around seven o'clock, I was shaved and dressed by eight thirty, with nowhere to go. Outside with a pipe before nine. Crows on roof edges, parrots flying high above that, and a marked absence of pigeons(*).
One wonders what happened to the pigeons.
What do pigeons eat?


Breakfast at around one thirty was delicious! Very easy to prepare, and clean-up was a cinch while the plated food cooled to eatable temperature. Curry mustard vegetable with shrimp-flavour wheat noodles and little meat balls. But perhaps I didn't add enough sambal. Washed down with a two-bagger. In lieu of milk tea. There is no place nearby that does naai-cha.

Gaa-lei yau-choi chaau haa-mei-min siu yiuk-yuen.

* Update at 3:45 PM.: Saw pigeons while outside. Four and two.
A total of six. Six pigeons.

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