Wednesday, March 11, 2020


It is disturbing that there are so many meatball shaped creatures. Naturally, seeing other people's choice of pets, the culinary minded individual starts thinking of béchamel, and brown gravy, or maybe a red wine reduction.
Your rotund beast is making me hungry.
Just waddling along there.
No care in the world.

I'm channeling my inner bird of prey.

In a different life I could've been a boa constrictor. As it was, I suffered the loneliness of a restaurant devoid of people. No happy chatter around me, no customers happily toddling in keen for eaties nom nom nom, no anxious noodle aficionados looking forward to a warm plate of slurpy things with slivered garlic and femented black beans .....

I'm not the most sociable of creatures, for crap's sakes, but I do rather require a modicum of actual live human presence.

Not the scary loud and stinky ones.

Today's conversations were brief and situational. Limited. The people at the place where I bought a lottery ticket. Two waitresses where I enjoyed some baked Portuguese chicken rice. Three bus drivers.

Yeah, that's actually fairly normal, but without a multitude of people on the streets, and in the restaurants, stores, and on public transport, it just doesn't feel like I'm in a city anymore.

From wikipedia: "The boa constrictor is a heavy-bodied snake, and large specimens can weigh up to 27 kg. Females more commonly weigh 10 to 15 kg. Some specimens can reach or possibly exceed 45 kg."

And: "The size and weight of a boa constrictor depends on subspecies, locale, and the availability of suitable prey."

Fascinatingly: "Boa constrictors generally live on their own, and do not interact with any other snakes unless they want to mate. They are nocturnal, but they may bask during the day when night-time temperatures are too low. As semi-arboreal snakes, young boa constrictors may climb into trees and shrubs to forage; however, they become mostly terrestrial as they become older and heavier."

They have a slow metabolism, and are not very social.
In an urban environment they fall out of trees.
They are deadly to your pets.
And small children.

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