Saturday, March 21, 2020


When the possibility of Ebola hit, president Obama authorized protective measures, testing of airline passengers, and training of emergency personal. The Pandemic Response Team was created.
At that time, one of the cigar smokers with whom I come in regular contact ranted, several times, that Obama was going to kill us all. Since then, his president cancelled the Pandemic Response Team and slashed budgets in medicine and social programs. When, back in January, the corona virus started spreading outside of Wuhan, Trump repeatedly stated that there was nothing to worry about, it was no worse than the common cold or flu, everyone should carry on like normal, and please don't de-stabilize the market. Since then a number of Senators protected themselves by insider trading while collaborating on urging calm before the shitcan blew up.

Back in late 2014 after Dan had ranted for the so manieth time that Obama was going to kill us all (as part of a socialist liberal Keynsian plot), I advised him that, if he was that worried, he should incorporate ONE sentence into every conversation; it might save his life.


Hello Mrs. Smith, how nice to see you, are you bleeding from your anus? Johnson, congratulations on your promotion, well deserved, are you bleeding from your anus? Richard, is that a new dog and are you bleeding from your anus? Hey Warren, will you be watching the game with us and are you bleeding from your anus? Norman, what is is with you and 'Pawn Stars' and are you bleeding from your anus? Harry, don't even think of hitting me with that rum bottle and are you bleeding from your anus?

A number of the people with whom, before the 'shelter in place' order came into effect, I would come into contact during the day, are idiots.

They watch Fox News, and voted for Trump.

If the answer during Autumn of 2014 to that question had been affirmative, it would have indicated a medical issue of some import. Possibly even Ebolatic circumstances. If Dan had not just been blowing it out of his ear, what with being a right wing dilwad, he should have deployed the question.
His social life might look a little different now.
More interesting people.

Under the present circumstances I shan't see him for several weeks, possibly months. The last time we met, he poo-pooed the dangers, and insisted that Trump was a great man, the best president in his lifetime, and that there was little if anything to worry about. It would all blow over. Which a number of others agreed sounded reasonable.
And Trump was a fine man, bless him.

That was before the cases hit the highs of this week.

I suspect he's bleeding from his anus right now.

Dan, I've got a band-aid, but I can't hand it to you. Social distancing.
Perhaps I should just put it near that rock over there?
Just place it over your anus.

When we meet again, there's one question I want to ask him.

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