Sunday, March 01, 2020


Chinese people think about food eighty five percent of the time. According to my apartment mate on the phone, when the other person asked her whether she was eating. No, she wasn't eating. But she is Chinese. And was thinking about food.

Not being Chinese, I do not think about food nearly so much. Only sixty or seventy percent of the time, more or less. Specifically, I am thinking about fixing myself a plate of fried noodles with meaty scraps and an egg, some fresh green vegetable mixed in, and a little shredded ginger. Or, alternatively, some glutinous rice wedges fried with pork chunks.

My coworker Hecky thinks about food a lot also. He's Guatemalan, his wife is Chicana. There's a lot of good food to think about right there.

Not thinking about food is an Anglo thing.
Possibly also Jewish.

That said, a Jewish gentleman in the backroom mentioned mayonnaise several times yesterday and today.

I wisely kept my mouth shut.

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