Saturday, March 14, 2020


So it hit two thousand sometime yesterday evening. Which means that by the time that my required availabity for jury duty comes up (week of March 30) there should be over a quarter of a million cases in the United States. Although with not nearly enough testing kits being available, no one will know.
Evenso, I'm fully expecting that when I call the number to find out whether my group is supposed to come in, a recording will say that jury duty is cancelled for that week and the foreseeable future.

[Cases: at a conservative estimate, probably at least twice that number untested.]

No one wants a few hundred angry people coughing at each other in an enclosed space. In a local government building. With "surfaces".

But just in case it isn't, there's one 'conversational phrase' that's damned well guaranteed to encourage 'social distancing'. It's even better than "get the hell away from me all you pus-dripping zombies!"

"I found a human spinal column in my fecal matter once."
------Spoons, in the movie Rango

Actually, most of the movie is quotable to that purpose. The defense attorney ain't built yet that will figure it out.

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