Friday, March 06, 2020


The key thing to maintaining sanity in these times is to listen softly. Many of the people around you are likely to say some amazingly stupid shiznit, when what they really mean is "I'm worried (about Sanders / the Corona Virus/ my roof is leaking) and I don't want to buy a year's supply of toilet paper". Remember that.

Plus, over in Marin, they're going to include new age crap and repulsive ideas into the mix; they can't help themselves, it's their culture.

How else do you explain "it's just like the flu" and "flu shots make me sick" in the same train of thought?

Being a rational person, resident of San Francisco, my non-spoken reaction was "you are likely to get ALL strains of flu, you goofy seventy four year old hippie", and "those decades during which you were a stoner scrambled your brains ... not that there's anything wrong with that".

The only reason he didn't participate in the recent toilet paper buying hysteria is that he's trying to save the planet.

Yesterday evening I inadvertently offended a Facebook friend by ranting about Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the race, but also ended up cruising into another friend's page and reading his negative remarks about Dems.
I have removed my own rant as a courtesy to the first person mentioned, and decided not to finally de-friend the Republican idiot because I actually like him -- he's a character, besides being salt of the earth -- and simply put him on 'mute'. Not all of my Facebook friends are certifiably sane, and it is doubtful that I myself would qualify.

If sanity were defined as including breadth of knowledge, perspective, and a keenly sharpened vocabulary, even fewer people could be labelled 'sane'. Often it simply means 'normal', or 'unobjectionable'.
Or "socially acceptable to a large number of people that includes the subject in question's extended social circles" and their non-incarcerated kinfolk". Even if that means potheads and Christians.
The functional people.
More or less.


Yesterday on the way home I passed an individual defecating into a bucket near a church. I decided not to engage that person in conversation; not everything deserves comment.

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