Sunday, March 08, 2020


After cruising into a news site the other day I am even more confused about the number of people who have Wuhan Corona in the Bay Area than before. But clearly it has reached the city. And people are, justifiably, concerned.
Not the Trumpites I encounter, though.
It's all fake news to them.
Corona is a hoax.

Just in case I'm wiping down every surface they touch.

For everyone else, SFGate answers the real question: Will the Porn Industry Be Disrupted by Coronavirus?

This is serious business. Dozens of people in Northern California are facing the potential loss of a promising career for which they have trained their entire life. Several Bay Area companies have asked their employees to work from home, "unless being in the office is "critical to business continuity".

'An outbreak among adult actors "could be catastrophic".'

"In Europe, where COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly (particularly in Italy, which just reported 4,000 cases, and Germany reporting 500), many studios have already placed temporary holds on shooting, prompting the European social network FanCentro, which allows content creators to directly sell social media subscriptions to fans, to issue onboarding guidelines for performers who want to join the platform in lieu of shooting scenes, as well as organize outreach for performers who may be quarantined."

"It is not uncommon for performers to travel to Europe, either to shoot for a European production company or to engage in escorting, says Palmer; the threat of coronavirus has rendered them more hesitant to do so. Luna also says that she knows many performers who have decided not to travel to conventions like Exxotica out of concern with interacting IRL with attendees, who fly in from all over the world to meet performers.

In the United States, which has only 233 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (much fewer than in countries like Italy or China), many adult industry members remain sanguine about the threat of coronavirus. “While it is possible that porn sets might be affected by this, I believe it is imperative to remain positive,” says performer Sarah Vandella. “[We should continue] to be as health-conscious as we are while maintaining impeccable hygiene to prevent the spread of germs."

End quotes.

[Source: SF Gate.]

Even though I quit college years ago, and never had aspirations of becoming a succesful porn star, I also intend to continue being health conscious while maintaining impeccable hygiene.

The potential loss of revenue is horrifying.
Worse than the stock market disaster.

We all have an interest in porn, but only a few of us invest.

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