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Sunday, July 17, 2016


Three police officers were whacked in Baton Rouge today, and an internet acquaintance sneeringly commented that he supposed that I approved, seeing as I have made positive remarks about the general message of Black Lives Matter. I have just defriended the son-of-a-bitch.

If you are stopped by the police, you do NOT want to be black. In fact, if you are white, you will likely feel damned glad that you are white at that moment.

If you were a cop who was shot be a perp, very likely you also don't want to be black.

Hell, whatever is happening to you, you might not want to black.


Cancer is the second leading cause of death for both non-Hispanic blacks and non-Hispanic whites. However, in 2001, the age-adjusted incidence per 100,000 population was substantially higher for black females than for white females for certain cancers, including colon/rectal (54.0 versus 43.3), pancreatic (13.0 versus 8.9), and stomach (9.0 versus 4.5) cancers. Among males, the age-adjusted incidence was higher for black males than for white males for certain cancers, including prostate (251.3 versus 167.8), lung/bronchus (108.2 versus 72.8), colon/rectal (68.3 versus 58.9), and stomach (16.3 versus 10.0) cancers.

Stroke is the third leading cause of death for both non-Hispanic blacks and non-Hispanic whites (Table). However, during 1999--2002, non-Hispanic black males and females aged 20--74 years had higher age-adjusted rates per 100,000 population of hypertension than their white counterparts (36.8 versus 23.9 for males; 39.4 versus 23.3 for females).

[SOURCE: Health Disparities; Black or African Americans; CDC.]

Diet and (access to) healthcare are influenced by a variety of factors.
As are arrest rates and death-by-law-enforcement rates.
Income levels are also a significant part.
We haven't solved racism.

Another friend posted a sneering anti-Obama comment coupled with praise for Putin. Seeing as I already know that she is more or less mentally not quite up to code, other than discommending her for her vile anti-American tendencies, I ignored it. She lives in Israel now, and I hope she won't vote in our election. Having made aliyah, it's none of her damn bidniz.
I am tired of Israelis having any opinions at all.
But especially about our president.
Please shut up.

Final note: Trump, Putin, and Erdogan are far too fond of goats.

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