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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Sometimes this blogging platform fails. One should not take it personally. An essay I posted earlier today, because of a glitch, got deleted. No big loss, it was similar to my other blathering
I had reacted to Chinese people protesting outside of KFC and McDonalds because they are pissed at a recent ruling by a United Nations panel. And those two fast-food franchises are, remarkably, the nearest representations of or stand-ins for Filipinos in mainland China.

There was also implied snarkiness at versions of Chinese food that weren't Cantonese, as well as sneering at Americans in MethLab-i-stan.

Everything you would expect from this blog in other words.

Nothing is ever permanently lost here, the same silliness will crop up again, the same ideas will be re-hashed, and the same Russian search-engines will try to seed the comments.

I quoted approvingly from Xinhua, The China Dail, and The People's Daily. Which is not something I normally do.

And probably shan't do again.

The gist of the post was that Northern Chinese are rather goofy, American fast food is crap, and the people in the fly-overs are reprehensibly ignorant. Yes, you've seen that here before. It's gone, so please imagine it instead.

Heading out to snack on dimsum soon.
Cantonese food is stupendous.
Filipino good also.

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