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Sunday, July 03, 2016


Seeing public displays of affection makes me realize that I am not a theatrically inclined man. It's not the affection per se that bothers me as the exhibitionism involved. Handholding, and the occasional peck on the cheek, are okay, I suppose, but it should go no further.

Being glued to one another's painfully writhing and contorted body is right out. It's tacky, vulgar, downright appalling, and in extremely bad taste. Besides being a horrible example for impressionable people.

The only rational exception is when both parties dressed for typical summer weather and got ambushed by the frigid cold winds blowing through San Francisco at this time of year.

But body parts that aren't in personal contact should be blue.

Otherwise it's just flaming opportunism.

Sexuality running rampant.

Such things are fine when done in private. Either at home, or in a quiet corner of a movie theatre. Even in the cozy utility closet of an apartment building, or out back by the dustbins in the airwell. The rest of us do not wish to see this. It is both antisocial and unkind to demonstrate how glandular you are. Please get a room. Thanks.

[And FYI, warm pajamas are advised. Given what the temperature in SF is like, especially from mid-afternoon onwards into to the evening, it doesn't matter what you are doing, wear warm pajamas. Nice jammies with little ducks on them, or dancing ballerina rabbits.]

And stop making those horrid smoochie-woochie sounds!

During the day I usually seek refuge in a coffee shop or chachanteng at some point, to have a warming cup of milk-tea and a pastry before heading out into the arctic gale to enjoy a pipe.

Listening in on other people talking, or taking in the atmosphere of a crowded bakery around late afternoon, is an enjoyable interlude, and reasonable social exposure.

I should not mind the company of a woman at those times, provided she was dressed for the wintry weather, and content to just wander.

It would be very pleasant to observe the parrots down at Sue Bierman Park with another person.

Calm and civilized companionability.

No goofy drama.

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