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Friday, July 29, 2016


There are just some things that men can do better than women, ladies, and the sooner you recognize that little fact, the better. Your lives will be much simpler, and there will finally be a balance in the world.
A great and soothing peace will spread.
You'll find meaning in life.
And also love.

Lots and lots of love.

We leak better standing up than you. Okay, I'll admit that some of you have figured out how to do it with dignity, but most of you fail at it.

The upside to your failure is, of course, a dry bathroom floor, but hey, into each life a little rain must fall. Right?

Another thing at which we're usually better is finding the fly of our boxer shorts. Unless it's not there. Which is sometimes what it feels like, when the 'A' shirt has, due to hang-drying, become elongated over time, and covers it mostly up. At which point the "window of opportunity" shrinks. That being the space wherein one can arrange "things" so that one can take a leak standing up without panicking and fumbling like a madman.

Some of my 'A' shirts are getting too damned long. They're practically dresses. I can probably answer the front door wearing nothing but one of those things without upsetting anyone.
They're very modest.

There were 3 times yesterday when I could have used some help.

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