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Thursday, July 28, 2016


All last week and this the news and social media have been filled with mentions of the meetings of competing branches of Hello Kitty Freaks Anonymous in Cleveland and Philadelphia. It has been rather trying.
There have been riots. And flags have been burned.
Rights trampled on. Mice disgruntled.

You're probably as sick of it all as I am, right?

Too many damned rodents out there. And, while I sympathize with the mice, their agitation is not, strictly speaking, something that moves me much. Other than the opportunities for irritating rabid mouse freaks on social media by snide commentary, there is little in it for me.

Instead, I have been avidly observing fat Midwestern tourists, bird-like Cantonese Americans, red-headed conures, and urban seagulls.

Plus smoking my pipe and indulging in warm beverages.

This is demonstrably far more worthwhile.

It is not bikini weather in the city.

Except indoors, it never is.

Think about that.

Favourite perch: a corner in a bakery not far from the park
A lovely beverage and a snackipoo first.
Followed by a stroll.

I should have brought along the teddy bear for company.

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