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Saturday, July 16, 2016


A restaurant owner in Sedro-Wooley, which is a fubmuck little hitshole in Skagit, Washington State, managed to piss off the local sheriff.
Who promptly took to social media to air his ire.

Now, normally I do not have opinions about what happens in any of the syphilis-ridden trailerparks out in the hinterlands with all the meth labs and slope-brows, and likewise I just assume that local cops are perhaps not the most brilliant bulbs in the box. What with being posted to the boonies among the illiterates, discarded furniture, and insect pests.

The police in San Francisco are by a very wide margin the best of the lot, like several other major urban police departments -- Dallas, for instance -- and largely upstanding moral men and women doing a nearly impossible job remarkably well. Especially given the psychos, entitled weirdoes, and sh*tdisturbers, that flock to America's metropoles to get away from their mommies while still living the trust-fund dream.

But the rest of the U.S is tiger country.

It's a jungle out there.


Sedro-Woolley, Skagit, Washington.
Lucky Teriyaki Chinese restaurant.

"Crisp outside, moist inside, full of flavors..."

In consequence of Sheriff Will Reichardt taking to social media, the following comments appeared on Breitbart:

"WHEN the time comes where Mr. Lemma Ding-Dong dials 911 in need of law enforcement, KARMA would have it that ALL HE GETS is a busy signal."

"I wouldn't eat there.... as a matter of fact I wont eat at any Asian restaurant now."

"They can view all Police as bad, I can view all Asian restaurant owners as bad."

"Japanese restaurants are normally good. Chinese restaurants serve dog."

"I would say it time to "...BURN this BITCH down!!""

"Chinese Buffets...arf! arf!.....meow?"

Of course, a very large number of the Breitbartian rednecks also brought up the gay wedding cake thing. Which has no bearing on it, but everything is connected in their world.

Elsewhere on the interwebs things also heated up a bit.
Fox News, which is America's least reliable news source, and always up for a bit of sensationalist pandering to our yellow-bellied unwashed provincials, happily let everyone know about it too.
After what the terrorist did in France the other day, this was precisely the cheering up they needed, and darnitall, they could feel good about themselves by waging arm-chair war!

From YELP:

Some dickhead in Nashville, TN:
"This place is as good as it gets! Greasy, weeks-old food served to you by a staff of questionable legal status whom not only despise cops, but most white people in general!
I would recommend the Salt-frightened pork, the rainbow-slicked beef, or my favorite: the combo of gang-raped chicken and box of sticky.
Sit in one of the corner booths and listen to the criminals discuss the first time they took off a man's head. You can even join in the discussions and confess anything you want: no law enforcement will be around to hear or to bother you.
Can't recommend the place highly enough."

Some dickhead in Port St Lucie, FL:
"The food is something out of the movie Meatballs "Some kind of meat" - I do hope that the health department is the only visitor to this establishment, other than the locksmith that will come to change the locks for the bank.

Some dickhead in Levelland, TX:
I order a bowl of teriyaki and this is what they brought me - a bowl of feces. Now this dirtbag of a cheap crap food restaurant should be closed for good!"

Some dickhead Cedar Park, TX:
"I ask that all military, I am a Viet Nam Veteran.... Boycott this place and close it down. They do not deserve a business license nor any or our American $$$."

Some dickhead in Seattle, WA:
"I went there and the owner touched my wife's breasts and kicked me in the balls. He then punched my baby. Also he has gay Hitler porn."

Some dickhead in New Orleans, LA:
"Immediately upon entering my sense of smell was assaulted by a foul odor, as if Bigfoot himself had wiped his nether regions to provide their signature teriyaki sauce. What they were attempting to pass as chicken I am sure was roadkill crow, certainly ran over by the very officers banned from this establishment. The decor upon their walls was a mixture of what I am certain is nazi memorabilia and pro-ISIS propaganda. My feet stuck to the floor on what could only be the tears shed by the slave labor I am almost certain they employ. So, in short, I won't be returning to this establishment."

Some dickhead in Cheyenne, WY:
"I also noticed the feral cat population is suspiciously low in this area compared to surrounding areas. Coincidence? Maybe not."

Some dickhead in Cypress, TX:
"You'll have a better dining experience with the family of raccoons in the dumpster behind China Wok a few streets over."

Some dickhead in Saint Charles, MO:
"What a dump trash pit whore house if you ask police not to patronize your place. Shit food shit owner shit management."

Some dickhead in Burbank, CA:
"Will never eat here. I heard that they are devil worshippers and sold their soles to the Clintons."

Some dickhead in Sun City, AZ:
"Could it be that the owner is afraid he'll be caught harvest cats out back for his grill...?"

Some dickhead in San Antonio, TX:
"You like poodle with side fry rice? You will like eat here."

Some dickhead in Oakland Park, FL:
"The cat wasn't cooked enough."

Some dickhead in Phelan, CA:
"Sum Ting Wong with this restaurant here...I found a rat in my fried rice! The owners were racist and spat in my face! Disgusting! Avoid at all costs, or your stomach will be saying Bang Ding Owwwwww afterwards."

Some dickhead in Palo Alto, CA:
"I was in there last week and I saw a cookbook on a shelf entitled "1001 Ways To Wok Your Dog"."

Some dickhead in Brevard, NC:
"Horrible food, Filthy tableware, The meat reminded me of dogmeat I was served in China. I vomited out what I ate 25 minutes later. I intend on filing a lawsuit."

And, from a monumental douche in San Diego, CA:
"If you have any bit of an American bone in your body, the blood of a patriot running through your veins, and the wind of the flapping wings of a bald eagle flowing through your hair, you don't want eat at this communist run establishment. Trust me, this place sucks ISIS goat balls, and if you're like me, we don't suck no motherf@!$in balls. I'm a true American, only song I got on my iPod is the Star Spangled Banner and the greatest artist of all time in my book is Francis Scott Key. When I buy a pack of crayons I only buy a 3 pack because the only colors I need are Red, White, and Blue. Lucky Teriyaki, you sure let your luck run out by asking all Law Enforcement to not eat at your establishment. You should look into changing the name of that little grease trap you call a restaurant to F$cked Teriyaki. 'Merica!"

Did any one of those petulant bitches ever even hear of Sedro-Woolley before the voice of the law in Skagit squawked his righteous outrage? There was both more and less to the story than the version they were presented. Yet, true nativists and bigots, they courageously piled on the opprobrium from afar, determined to defend their fellow from the evil foreigner.

Maybe the assorted dickheads and douchebags responsible for those Yelp reviews do not realize that their location is also mentioned? After all, they're in parts of the world where the natives are stupid, hairy, and savage, don't bathe often enough, and tend to grope their sisters.

Gay Hitler porn? I am strangely intrigued.

Might appeal to bullies.

Lynch mobs.


Racist female in Los Angeles, CA July 17, 2016:
"I won't say that it was Salmonella poisoning because while we were there, we thought we heard a dog yelping in the kitchen before hearing it whimper and then go silent."

Okay. In addition to re-hashing a bigoted stereotypic slur, she claims she and her friends got sick at a restaurant that she has beyond a shadow of a doubt never visited. I hope she and her friends do indeed get a food-borne illness soon, preferably a painful parasite, and die from it, writhing in agony. Either that or an incurable disease with the same result.
She probably feels proud of herself.

Like many other lying s.o.b.s.

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