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Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Clotrimazole, as most fratboys and football types know, cures or prevents athletes foot fungus. As well as jock-itch. Both of those being painful ulcerative infections that can occur if you sweat after pointless exertion (sports) or live in an unhealthy part of the world (Dixie).

Baby powder is a fine preventative measure, however.

Normal people can simply dust themselves.

Depending on where they are.

However, if we, as a country, start massively using antifungal ointment, maybe Donald Trump will disappear.

Seriously, it's worth trying.

It's what we should've done during Reagan and Bush, but we had little idea then how virulently nasty a rotten crotch could be.

Clotrimazole, dumbasses, clotrimazole!

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