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Sunday, July 10, 2016


Many American women spend far too much effort thinking about their appearance. There were three female persons who waltzed in with their signifothers today, whose ill-considered efforts and faulty thinking sabotaged their every intent.

I'm sorry, when you are so painfully thin that you look like a stick-insect, boob augmentation and Satan's mascara seem a little out of place.

Same general message goes for the woman who had her lips filled out, and whose boob jobs were too heavy for a human bra.

Ladies, you would have looked perfectly fine if you had done nothing and let yourself go.

Instead, you are the stuff of nightmares.

Normal breasts, normal lips, normal eyes, and normal weight; these are your friends. Not enemies. Perhaps your mind and your obsessive self-image work is an enemy -- some of us certainly think so, and you might want to open your ears to what we dare not say aloud here -- and money spent on therapy instead might work better for you.
Anyhow, go with the natural look.

Everyone benefits from a natural look.

Whenever I see nail polish, eye-shadow and pancake foundation, as well as an unnatural hue to the skin, I have the same reaction as I do toward tattoos, piercings, and highly individualistic clothing choices.

Most of us would rather not see your navel stud, the butterfly tattooed on your breast, bunched kidney rolls, or your stylish, stylish thong.
And you need to worry about the people that do.

Neat clean comfortable garb is stunningly sexy. Charming, too.

Skin-tight yoga pants, on the other hand...


I'm not asking you to dress like your grandma, but could y'all at least dress like you are going to visit her? And you actually like her?

Now, as for those signifothers of yours, who pranced in with the three of you in tow, those gentlemen have no taste whatsoever.
That should tell you something.

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