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Saturday, July 23, 2016


Please know that this blogger has nothing against either idlis, OR teenagers. Both of them are very fine indeed, and it is only right that they be harmoniously combined. Idli snarfing teenagers (of whichever shape) are altogether splendid and indubitably make the world a better place.
One of these days I might run across either item.
This is San Francisco, it's possible.
Though not likely.

No, I had no idea who Rajinikanth was, nor that he had made a movie.
Apparently he has made a few previously too.
Which I had never heard of.

Kabali is a movie in which an aging gangster plays an aging gangster.
It's got songs. He is much loved. People are swooning.

Except for this dude.

Raven r12 wrote:
"this is a typical south indian dogshit garbage movie i cant believe how stupid Indian audience is for a 70 year old fossil who looks like a beggar in real life trying to look younger in every movie with his retarted spastic mannerisms and idiotic dialogues south Indians are the dumbest race in India or the world they make the stupidest movies they have the ugliest stars and the dumbest movies ever made fuck all of them and this stupid ridiculous movie idiot fanboys"

In response, Alvinmathew0212 wrote:
"Lmao this fucktard is mad because he's knows what's coming. He knows that rajini is about to end a lot of Bollywood films box office records. Btw why do you differentiate between north and south? We are all Indians you BASTARD[ I am 100% positive that you are bastard you chuthiya] first go and be a human and then walk around with your being human shirt made by your murderor salman khan. We support a down to earth man ( rajini) who is probably one of the kindest human in the world while you and your chuthiya family support that murderor salman. Go get a life faggot"

Related thereto, Nakul Garg wrote:
"Still better than Grandpa Vin Diesel who doesn't knw shit abt acting"

Ganesh Vaidyanath:
"Rajinikanth is not old."

S. Das:
"stop behaving like a hoard!"

Torik Ahmed:
"I watched lingaa , then able to understand why people have craz for Rajni"

And, critically, Ashish Karbor opined:
"how the hell can anyone like this man!! Doesn't have looks...Can't act at all.. giving some stupid ass overacting tooo old to do fight scenes like this"

I've seen the trailer/teaser for the movie. It looks remarkably silly and over-the-top, and may very well be rock 'em sock 'em entertainment and an all-round good time; gushing testosterone out the wazzoo.

But at present I have no intention of finding out.

Hormonally charged teenagers: no.

Sambar-Idli: yes.

FYI: the Telugu translation of 'magizhchi' is 'munchidi', but the actual meaning is 'santosham'. Which is crucial information. Several people have asked. Their happiness in the afterglow of watching the movie depended upon the answer, they were bereft.

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