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Sunday, July 31, 2016


Thanks to a link found on Facebook, I know precisely the what's and hows of vulvar haematomas. As well as the circumferential suture technique for excision of scalp tumors, and what an episiotomy is.

Along with pannus. Plural: panni, or pannuses.
An altogether useful term.
The pannus.


Now, when a morbidly obese person passes, I can whisper to myself "good lord would ya look at that pannus".

I do not know if I should be pleased that I know this.
Or disturbed by the vibrant images.

I was once present at the birth of a calf.
This is tangentially relevant.
I remember it well.
In detail.

It might be best if I stop drinking coffee before going to bed. Problem being that I do not want to waste the last precious waking hours of the day by sleeping. The first thing I do upon coming home from work is fix myself a nice strong cup of coffee for relaxation, and start reading.
It is a routine to which I am attached.
Stimulation, and stimulation.
Totals dynamite.

The mental visuals in my head when waking up this morning were luridly clinical, and the red arrows and Latin terms floating in the middle distance only added to that.

"This way to the pannus. It is limiting the patient's mobility; a larger panniculectomy is advisable, and will dramatically improve this cetaceatic Midwestern specimen's life."

I do not know why I assumed that the patient was from Iowa.

But I am entirely uncertain of the gender.

Because of the pannus.

All that corn. It just can't be good for you. Syrup, crackers, candies, huitlacoche, carbonated beverages, and just oodles of "bio-fuel".

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