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Thursday, July 21, 2016


If by now you are sick and tired of news involving human sacrifice and witch-burnings, or whatever else went on at the Republican group-grope in Cleveland, this post is for you.

Dinner tonight was exquisite!

Steamed pork hash with ginger and dried fish, stirfried mustard stalks (芥菜 'gaai choi'), and noodles. Plus gollops of hot sauce and a glass of strong coffee.

It took approximately fifteen minutes to slap together.

['haahm yü jing yiuk beng']

The steamed pork hash was the most complicated part. Half a pound of ground fatty pork (梅頭豬肉碎 'mui tau chü yiuk seui'), mixed with a little five spice powder (五香粉 'ng heung fan') and a dash of rice wine (米酒 'mai jau'), mooshed onto an oiled plate, finely minced ginger (姜絲 'geung si') strewn over, five slices dried fish (鹹魚 'haam yü') on top, and into the steamer for a scant ten minutes.

That's so easy even a complete non-cook can do it.


梅頭豬肉碎 is ground pork shoulder or Boston Butt. It's fattier than regular leanish ground pork, and consequently yields a sweeter juicer steamed patty. Which is what you want.

The noodles were dried estuarine scallop mein (江瑤柱麵 'gon yiu chyu min'), which is both yummy and toothsome.

The hot sauce was Sriracha. Of course.

Stalky mustard (芥菜 'gaai choi') is utterly delicious.
And hard to bollix up. Unless you're too white.
In which case, you are in Cleveland.
And probably slug-like.
Or reptilian.

The coffee was dark-roasted Celebes, with a dollop of sweetened condensed milk (煉奶 'lin naai') in the bottom of the glass.

Now, time to go out for a smoke.

Flue-cured leaves.
And Perique.

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