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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


News from Europe informs that Erdogan's goons are threatening Turkic citizens of Holland, Belgium, and Germany. Which the relevant European governments could have expected after they shamelessly voiced their support for his clique during the recent alleged attempted coup, and called upon the Turks to respect the rule of law; Erdogan's law.

Clearly this "coup" was engineered by Erdogan to provide an excuse for a crackdown. Recent political arrests include not only soldiers -- many of whom weren't even remotely involved -- but also large numbers from the judiciary, the intelligentsia, and the fourth estate. That this would happen should have been obvious to the democratic nations.

Now that the last hope of avoiding a dictatorship has been crushed, with Western collusion, darkness is descending upon Istanbul.

Naturally the Turks themselves deserve much if not quite all of the blame. Precautionarily expelling Erdogan's violence-prone supporters from Holland, Belgium, and Germany, would protect any Turkic citizens living there, and prevent Ankaran agents and provocateurs from engaging in political skulduggery in European cities.

There should be no place, nor any tolerance, for members of the Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi in civilized countries.

Erdogan is purging Turkey of everyone who opposes him.
The west should correspondingly purge his partisans.

Unless, of course, we're sleeping with him.


I do not normally castigate the current United States administration, but in this particular case Kerry laid an egg. And, after Turkey's attempted blackmail over the weekend involving the Incirlik Air Base, it should be clear that our long relationship with Ankara is over. It was never a real friendship, more an opportunistic understanding with thieves, but we should not fool ourselves into thinking that there was commonality or amity between us. Turkey hasn't been a partner since 2003.
Their government actively sabotaged our side.
Not once, but repeatedly.


Teşekkürler beyler, harika olmuş.

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