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Monday, July 18, 2016


On the sixteenth and seventeenth of July, reader Mastick left comments underneath essays here begging for a disquisition in Talmudic terms with analogies and analyses of Liza Minelli and her body of work.
Lord help me, the only things that come to mind are Cabaret and Arrested Development. She was delightful in Arrested Development, but if there was anyone in that series I might wish to know Talmudically, it would be Alia Shawkat (Mae "Maeby" F√ľnke).
Who was one hot and dangerous vixen.
A complete con-artist to boot.

Yeah, okay, I'll admit that the round-faced Christian religious nut chick, Ann Veal (Mae Whitman), who goes through life under a multitude of affectionate nicknames ("Bland", "Egg", "Elk", "Ham", "Moo", "Plant", "Plain", "Yam", & "Ann Hog"), bestowed on her by appreciative adults, also has a certain fay charm. If you like passionate Protestants.

But yowza, Maeby was smoking!

What with being a pipe-collector, and heavily committed to a tobacco enjoyment life style, you can probably understand why I like women who are smoking.

So, I'm sorry Mastick, there is nothing I can do.
Liza is not part of my anschauungswelt.

Maeby possibly likes cigars.
Probably Nicaraguans.
Oliva, Series V.

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  • At 6:39 AM, Anonymous Mastick said…

    Thank you so much for replying to my comment.

    Could you please do a post Talmudically analyzing Maeby, and at least comparing her to Liza's character as a secondary topic. Please please?

    Incidentally, if you image-google "Liza Minnelli smoking" (without quotation marks), you'll get a lot of relevant images.

    And why do you keep insisting that you are not Buster? How do you know?

  • At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Zonker Harris said…

    Wait a minute... Liza Minelli?! Didn't you date her, very briefly, some time last year? Or am I misremembering?

  • At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Mastick said…

    Oh, oh! It looks like there's news on this front. Please respond, Mr. TheHill, pleeeeease!!!!!!!!!!! Mention it in a post.

  • At 2:14 PM, Anonymous I am a monster! said…

    Everyone here is Buster. We are ALL Buster.


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