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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Readers of this bog are a diverse bunch. An observation that can be made is that they are predominantly food-obsessed, internet-driven, and marginally skeevy. Not all three of those, necessarily, but there is an overlap. There is probably also a great blank space representing people who ended up here accidentally, and are not quite sure how to escape.

According to my blog stats, running neck and neck for the attention of avid readers this week are the following three posts: Dim sum: kinds, names, pronunciation, and description, Bozo in South Carolina, and Difference between French cut and high cut.

While I flatter myself that the first two categories are representative of the whole, completely clean-minded, and that the last category consists entirely or mostly of innocent young women baffled by too many choices, the reality is probably quite otherwise.

To confess, I am rather fond of the concept 'baffled young women', and 'curious clean-minded people' have my wholehearted approval. 'Food obessed' and 'internet driven' are also ideas that I can get behind.

Groisse perverts, while I probably have a little more in common with that category, umm, no.

You will kindly note that while underwear IS mentioned more than once on this site (usually only incidentally or as a plot-twist), food trumps it more than one hundred fold. As does pipe tobacco, pottery, and assorted wild life: badgers, raccoons, ferrets, parrots, crows, pigeons, and Dutchmen.

My friend the book seller has asserted that I write about pipe tobacco obsessively, but has never once accused me of dwelling overmuch on underwear of any type.


Anyhow, while I remain somewhat baffled about my readership, I continue to encourage them and it. Please revisit these three essays: Dim sum: kinds, names, pronunciation, and description, Bozo in South Carolina, and Difference between French cut and high cut, and feel free to render comment.

Together we shall add to the sum of human knowledge.

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