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Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Back in 2009, congress passed regulation of tobacco to the Food and Drug Administration. Our president signed it into law, because the vote-sucking cretins on the left and the right assured him it was a nifty thing to do. It took until May of this year for the FDA to publish its "deeming regulations", which, unsurprisingly, will put a huge number of people out of business, and virtually outlaw everything that makes tobacco great.

Tobacco is, as you no doubt realize, a hot potato. Almost no politician who seeks endorsements would dare come out and say "I am a smoker, and I rather like tobacco". Doing so means that you can kiss your political career goodbye.

But on the other claw, if you obediently slam tobacco, all the doctors, nurses, and educators, will organizationally shower you with free endorsements, and sing your praises.

In another five days, on August 8th., these new rules go into effect.

Which means that very many pipemakers, tobacco blenders, cigar rollers, farmers, and several other small businesses which cater to a minority, will effectively have to close their doors.

Unlike the marijuana industry, which really does destroy lives.

I am a smoker, and I rather like tobacco.

Courtesy of a reader, here are three worthwhile links.

From Pipes Magazine, an article by Tom Wolfe:
New FDA Regulations: How Do They Impact the Pipe World?

From the same excellent publication, this:
Tobacco in the Land Freedom Built

And, from a newspaper in the heartland of tobacco country:
New FDA tobacco regulations stir help, harm debate

In the words of one of my very good friends: "To all the anti-tobacco asshats out there, and everyone who over the years has demanded that I quit smoking, screw you, the glandered nag you rode in on, and your degenerate relatives. I hope you all die of syphilis!"
That is a truly heartfelt sentiment.
Of which I approve.

Nothing has given me nearly as much pleasure as my pipes and tobacco over the years, or made putting up with all the verkrampte rightwingers and illiterate lefties in the United States so bearable. Yes, I already know that tobacco is a harmful substance; neither the FDA or the poxxy do-gooders need to lecture me on that issue, and I would far rather that all disapproving puritan dilwads stay out of my life, damn them, and out of my face.
I shan't smoke around them, even though I wish them ill.
They need to keep away from me.
Leave me in peace.


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