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Monday, August 22, 2016


Yesterday evening I wanted a Wienerschnitzel mit kartoffelsalat for dinner, but there was no fresh veal in the house that could be pounded, floured, dipped in beaten egg, then breadcrumbs, and deepfried. Nor potato. Normally there is no potato at all in the house anyway. I have drifted from my culinary roots, and my apartment mate does not have the same culinary roots, though she too has drifted from hers.

For a while she was in a buttermilk pancake phase.

Personally, I rather loathe American pancakes.

The Dutch pannekoek is altogether better.

But I seldom make those anymore.

Which isn't the point.


A schnitzel is a lovely comestible, the preparation of which is perfectly described in the beginning of this post. Traditionally it is served with potato salad, or fries for the tourists. I think it is splendid with one or two rashers of bacon on the side in addition to the potato salad, which I would jazz up a little with garlic, paprika, and a dash of tabasco. It must be zesty.
Put the potato salad on top of a washed crisp lettuce leaf.
Yes, I know that's unimaginative and predictable.
But the Viennese cutlet is NOT nouvelle.
Don't do anything startling.

One reference which I found on the internet to schnitzels is contained in the lyrics of this plaintive song, which is more or less about starvation.




"Look at that child being rewarded with a breast!"

I, too, wish to be rewarded with a breast, for no clear reason. Some breasts resemble potatoes, and likewise some potatoes resemble breasts. A select few (both breasts and potatoes) resemble Elvis Presley.
Please do not reward me with Elvis.
Nor with potato breasts.

Or potatoes.

American supermarket potato salad is not very good.
Too much mayonnaise, not enough zing.
It must be home made.

A good wine choice with a Wienerschnitzel would be a Riesling, an Elbling, or a Sauvignon Blanc. But a glass of sherry is also highly recommended.

Unlike Heinrich, I do not have turtle neck.
Nor, remarkably, any wattles at all.

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