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Thursday, August 04, 2016


Social media has changed since I was a youngster. Back in my day it consisted of notes surreptitiously passed under desks, squiggly hearts with arrows drawn through them, and, very high tech, aerogrammes.
We were barely out of the stone age, and still hardly ever washed under our armpits.

The more aspiring carried around typewriters, and wind-up Victrolas to play sound bytes. Or threw rocks to get your attention.

Nowadays, people expect instant memes and selfies.

"you're unlike other bloggers. You never show pictures of yourself!"

That's what someone wrote.

No pictures.

Well, that's just not true! I post lots of pictures of my self.
Here's a small sampling:

I would offer that the thematic consistency of these images should give you a very good idea of my appearance. Tiny bright eyes. Fuzz. Prominent ears and sharp teeth. Whiskers. White.

Okay then.

Any more questions?

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