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Monday, August 15, 2016


Various French communes are considering Burkini bans. But have they actually thought it out? The reason I ask is because the Burkini seems like a very good thing to me. Many women need to consider wearing a Burkini.
It is the polite thing to do.

All men beyond a certain age should wear one too.

I will ask just ONE question to prove my point.

Would you rather see Trump in a Burkini, OR a Speedo?

See? If your eyes just crawled, you proved my point. Burkinis should be mandatory for certain people in public.

I have often been irritated by bicyclists pedalling past wearing tight form-fitting wattle-separating shiny spandex costumes while walking from the bus stop in Marin. Good lord, that is not what I want to see! And none of you lot are fast enough that aerodynamics and possible wind-resistance enter into it, so why ARE you showing off all of your wattle-flobbly goodness?
Sheer exhibitionistic joy? Entitlement and self-expression?
Because you are all unique individuals?
Good grief.

Now I need more caffeine, and a drink, just to get over the trauma. You don't see ME wandering around in that embarassing get-up, do you?
For modesty's sake, wear a Burkini!

It's civilized.

This post brought to you by a food-sensitivity moment.

I woke up with an uncomfortable physical reaction I usually associate with shellfish a little past its prime. Which is why I do not eat shellfish a little past its prime just before going to bed anymore.
I should still be sleeping right now.
But I'm thinking of Burkinis.

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