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Sunday, August 28, 2016


First it was the Germans. They wanted to get off near the bridge, walk across, and take the bus back. Other passengers half-heartedly tried to remonstrate that it was a very long walk from the last stop on the Marin side to the bridge itself, but to no avail. They were determined to hike. The bus driver gave an Asian American style half-hearted "whatever, dudes" (meaning a non-committal but readable grunt), and let them on, then let them off at the bus stop in the middle of nowhere.
I had seen him patiently deal with nearly twenty other passengers with unique and / or convoluted agendas before the Germans.
I didn't blame him for taking them where they said they wanted to go.

At the toll plaza several more people gave evidence of private agendas. He explained, with gesticulations, that they needed Muni (the local bus system), not Golden Gate Transit.

Then a frantic South Indian, representing twenty more tongue-tied fellows, shoved his head into the closing door and roared; "please gentleman what is ticket for gerrerreddi?!?"

The bus driver looked startled, yelped, and indicated "no".
The South Indian gentleman withdrew his head.
The bus took off down the highway.

Naturally every bus that stops where visitors gather goes directly to all must-see spots: Gerrerreddi, Uniskway, Norbitch, and Colerate Breech.

In actual fact, Golden Gate Transit conveys passengers from Marin along Lombard, down Van Ness, through Civic Center, and then takes Mission to the Trans Bay Terminal. Or conversely folks travelling from SF north to Marin in the opposite direction.

Going nowhere near Ghirardelli, Union Square, and North Beach.
It does go to the bridge, but that's incidental.
The bridge connects two places.
It is just there.

Not everybody is realistic about their plans and what they need to do to get there. Sometimes they haven't done their home-work or come to terms with reality. My stuffed monkey Urasmus keenly desires to purchase a fixer-upper banana plantation near San Francisco and cheap slaves.
But he does NOT want the goat-guy as one of the slaves.

He has five dollars to spend. Surely that's more than enough?

I hate to disappoint him, but five dollars probably won't get him a fixer-upper banana plantation, anywhere. And cheap slaves are a thing of the past.

Besides, that's MY five dollars.
I should get that plantation.

I'll hire Monkeys.

No goat.

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  • At 5:51 AM, Anonymous E-kvetcher said…

    Maybe the Indian gentleman was looking for a brucha from the Gerrer Rebbe? Although it would be a long bus ride from SF.

  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    I thought of that too. But I doubted that a swami min Gur established a yeshivashvam any where in Tamil Nadu.

    Of course kashrus would not be a problem. Lots of Tamilians are vegetarian, and the Indians are used to food particularity.


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