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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Two drumsticks, toasted peasant bread, peanut sauce, and chili sauce. Plus strong coffee. Yes, this grumpy old cooz is feeling a lot better. Didn't have lunch today because the only time it was possible was way too early. Early lunches make the rest of the day drag on impossibly long.
Especially when one isn't hungry at the time.
Oh, and I was enjoying a pipe.
Too good to put down.

I suppose I should've cooked some vegetables to accompany my meal. But peanut sauce is a vegetable, right? And chili-paste is just loaded with fibre and vitamin C, so it's practically the holy mother of Jayzus among the vegetable host.

The English went all the way to Canton for rhubarb, because it makes one regular and alleviates blockage. They also ended up addicted to strong tea and marmalades due to much similar effect. Americans have an entire aisle of pink liquids, purple pills, metamucil, and various other nostrums, for the same reason. Plus prunes, for crap's sake!

It's because of their horrible eating habits.

Fried stuff, starch, and grease.

Being the severe puritan that I am, I maintain that what the poor plugged bastards really need is chili peppers and ginger.
Lots of chili peppers and ginger.

It's good for you.


Some of you people also need cold showers, but that's because of your frighteningly unclean minds.

I am a pipesmoker of upstanding habits, and also substantially Dutch.
So I am not afflicted like Englishmen and many Americans.
And I am very clean-minded, too.

Hmmm, there's still some bacon in the refrigerator.
Bacon dipped in Sriracha is stupendous.
I'm going back to the kitchen.

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