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Monday, August 29, 2016


My apartment mate, who channels for the stuffed animals and often speaks on their behalf, assures me that the monkey and all the other small creatures like grapes. And peaches. And strawberries. And melons. In fact, they all are immensely fond of all juicy fruits of all types. If I have any fruits, I should share with them, otherwise they will be very disappointed.
I can confidently state that there will be no disappointment.
Because I rely on her to buy the fruits.

In a shared household, even if two adult humans are not actually sharing their lives but are functioning as two separate individuals with their own private agendas, some things are one person's brevet, other things are handled by the second person.

I get the bumwad, kitchen paper, garbage bags, and coffee.
She purchases milk, bacon, cheese, and fruits.

We share the spices, condiments, and icecream.
She can also have hot sauces or chilies, if she wants any.

You will note that this situation is slightly more to my advantage, because in the unlikely eventuality that I should end up with a girlfriend, I've already got the additional strain on the household taken care of: extra bumwad, kitchen paper, garbage bags, and coffee.

Unless the above-referenced Miss Highly Unlikely requires breakfast.
I'll have to cough up for her milk, bacon, cheese, or fruit.

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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