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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Courtesy of a bunch of British Johnnies, this blogger wishes to present an informative film for the benefit of Creationists, Duck Dynasty Fans, and Michele Bachman.

It may change their rancid little minds.
Stranger things have happened.
To mushy pea brains.

Speaking of which, I have never understood the appeal of Duck Dynasty. Other than perhaps the thrill of sitting back and being aghast at the antics of an entire clan of inbred Jed living in a swamp, who cannot see any other purpose in life than stalking the wily aquatic bird and wooing it with sex calls. Perhaps that attracts some people in America's urban zones, where residents yearn for a simpler life when all there was consisted of hunting, shooting, dysentery, and calling upon your big imaginary sky-friend to smite people of other religions and dermatic pigmentations, much like many creationists and Michele Bachman still do today, but surely they could've simply watched the Assault Weapons Channel or Fox News instead?

I can grasp why yokels like it, though.
Cavepaintings come to life.



Just sit back with a big bowl of fried chicken and RandyMan Beef Jerkey (™), and feast your eyes on an entertaining and educational overview of the Triassic. Which happened aeons before the imaginary sky-friend even existed.

Yes, you may thank me. Profusely is fine. I am always keen to provide mind-expanding educamatainerments.

"global warming -- It’s all voodoo, nonsense, hokum ... "

------An utter moron [MPR, Capitol View, 2008.]

Michele Bachman, good lord. I am sure that most of the great state of Minnesota is still bewailing the brick-fer-brains voters in the Sixth District who sent that dingo to congress.

Dinosaurs, tell you what.

Ya sure.

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