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Thursday, September 01, 2016


On evenings when my apartment mate uses the kitchen to prepare food for her boyfriend in a wheelchair to eat later in the week, it is impossible for me to cook my dinner. And, though she is Chinese, she cooks like a white person.It takes hours and hours. And hours.

It takes me far less time. And that despite the fact that as the resident white person in this apartment, I should not know how to cook.
Without taking all evening, that is.

In consequence of a cheese-rich microwavable thing -- the microwave is in the hallway -- acidus is tormenting me something fierce at present.


"Casein contains a fairly high number of proline residues, which do not interact. There are also no disulfide bridges. As a result, it has relatively little tertiary structure. It is relatively hydrophobic, making it poorly soluble in water. It is found in milk as a suspension of particles, called casein micelles, which show only limited resemblance with surfactant-type micelles in a sense that the hydrophilic parts reside at the surface and they are spherical. However, in sharp contrast to surfactant micelles, the interior of a casein micelle is highly hydrated. The caseins in the micelles are held together by calcium ions and hydrophobic interactions. Any of several molecular models could account for the special conformation of casein in the micelles."

[SOURCE: Wikipedia - Casein.]

Phosphoproteins are well nigh indigestible, non-water soluble, and used in glues and paint. As well as artificial cloth. Which is very durable.

If I actually manage to fall asleep tonight, my dreams should be interesting.

Rabid dogs. That's it; rabid dogs.

Why oh why could she not have fallen in love with someone who knows how to cook, knows how to eat, and isn't so almighty food neurotic?
Poor hungry helpless little nutball in a wheelchair.

Good thing I don't have to deal with him.
I'd feed him gluten, salt, and cheese.
Till it made him explode.

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