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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


My ex likes to read period novels, mad slasher fiction, Jane Austen, and Edward Gorey. My father was into detective novels, Evelyn Waugh, the Larousse Gastronomique, and Edward Gorey. My mother read science fiction, Old Norse, Beowulf, Chaucer, Simenon, books about vampyres and wherewolves, and Edward Gorey. My brother perused chess books, Charles Dickens, and Edward Gorey. A fellow-eccentric in high school liked science fiction, the English romantic poets, and various Dutch authors (naturally, since we lived in Holland). But not Edward Gorey.
I do not know what became of him.

I think I should like the company of someone who likes Edward Gorey.

When a curious commenter on a previous post asked me about my feminine side, I wrote:

" ... a rather shy person, un-attached, who likes nothing better than retiring to her own room, grabbing the murder novel that she is currently reading, and after rummaging around in her pantie drawer pulling out the Charatan Pipe and the Old Gowrie (Rattrays tobacco, now made by Orlik for Kohlhase & Kopp, who hold the entire McConnel Portfolio since that estimable company closed), filling up her bowl and settling in for a long quiet afternoon.

She likes the personalities of the portly or middle-aged detectives about whom she reads, but suspects that they would be a bit much in person, and their tobacco tastes might not synch with hers."

What I forgot to mention was that she also likes Edward Gorey.
It seems a rather important thing, don't you agree?

My feminine side likes Edward Gorey.

Her tobacco preferences are fungible. There are several excellent mostly Virginia mixtures under the Rattray trademark, as well as stellar products made by Samuel Gawith. Germains also makes good flakes and Virginias (Dunbar and Dorchester, as part of the Esoterica Tobaciana line, and brown and medium flakes under their own label.

[Orlik's Golden Sliced is also splendid; I have a nine month supply of it. Navigator and Union Square, by Greg Pease, are very fine indeed. And besides flakes and vapers, there are some truly wonderful Latakia mixtures out there. Such as: Wilderness, Legends, Three Oaks (with Syrian leaf), Westminster, Abingdon, Kensington, Blackpoint, McLelland's #14, Balkan Beauty, and Blue Mountain.]

My imaginary feminine side also likes hot beverages, and despises televised sports.

Her food preferences are varied and flexible.

Excluding "pumpkin".

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  • At 5:03 PM, Anonymous E-kvetcher said…

    The pumpkin reminds me of a blog post I read somewhere a long time ago about an alternate universe where Christmas trees buy human beings, cut off their feet, and make them stand in a bucket in the corner of the living room as they slowly die.


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