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Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Over the past week, well over six dozen people read one post on this blog, and then read further in the hopes of discovering more details.
A key part of the search criteria that drew them here in the first place was the word "cut". As in 'French cut', or 'high cut'.
Indeed, there is a post about the difference between French cut and High cut. It was written during a brief phase when I coddled the sartorially-minded.

I suspect that if I were to describe 'boxers' (loose male underwear that resembles soccer shorts) versus 'tidy whities' (a masculine constrictive garment that cuts off circulation to a part of the anatomy), far fewer people would come here on such a search.

One has to wonder at people who don't use youtube or google image search. Heck, even Wikipedia provides volumes of useful information about nether garments.

[By the way: I just learned that using image search for 'longjohns' is not safe for work. Better go to Wikipedia for an informative and neutral overview of that garment. But an image search for 'French cut' will automatically show you Salman Khan.
Who is totally safe for work.]

People who roam the internet looking for texts about underwear are special.

They are probably fascinating conversationalists.
You should invite them to your next party.
To flabberghast your relatives.

You probably already do precisely that, don't you?

I really must wonder why you want to invite them to your parties.
I never get invited to parties, and there are several folks who have had birthdays or marital engagements in the past few months. What are you thinking? And why should I even encourage you to do so?

There is no reason underwear freaks should have all the fun.

I'm guessing it's because I am not special. Pipe-smoking opinionated middle-aged Dutchmen are probably a dime a dozen, and totally unremarkable. You probably know several.


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