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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


It is a tradition, but it is ill-advised. Every week the bookseller and myself head into the undergrowth near where the old second hand bookstore of our depraved youth used to be, and have rot-gut red, a pint of decent beer (Anchor Steam), and too many whiskeys. I will blame the exuberant Ms. Wong for the excess of whiskey.

Ms. Wong proudly boasted that for a sixty seven year old woman she didn't look bad. In the same breath she admitted to having had over twenty shots of tequila that evening.

She was more sane and collected than usual.

Sweetheart, OF COURSE you don't look bad; you are still breathing!
If either this young fella or I had drunk as much, we would be in a coma. And four nights a week of twenty-plus shots of tequila would've put us six feet under by now.

Ms. Wong is a very bad influence.

Because three stupid kwailo came in squiffy and acted up, Ms. Wong needed two shots to calm her ownself down. Which meant that we had to drink with her. Where it not for the hot water she always pours me and the three cigarillos I huffed while there, the trek uphill from the establishment she hosts to my own warm bed would have been a Sisyphusarbeid van jewelste, up to eleven on the amplifier.

Four or five generous shots each.

At the end of an evening.


Before last night, I had no idea she was sixty seven. The last time she even mentioned her age, she said "nearly sixty". Still young!
That was less than ten months ago.

When I first met her she was quite fast, perfectly exemplifying the "hot Taiwanese chick" paradigm.

She still hasn't retired. No evident intent to do so.

So she's still a "hot Taiwanese chick".


[ Insert appropriate theme music here ]

Tequila keeps you young.

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