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Monday, August 22, 2016


I just realized that Burning Man starts a week from now, next Sunday. And, while I consider myself an artistic countercultural freespirit oh my heavens yes, I have no desire to attend.

Poncing around naked in 110 degree heat while on drugs and listening to bad music may be extraordinarily meaningful and rewarding, but that isn't really my bag.

I do all my best poncing while fully dressed, completely sober, during cold days. Preferably near all the civilized comforts of home. Reliable running water, hot caffeinated beverages, public transit, and a plethora of potential snacks.
Plus a comfy throw rug. For afternoon naps.
Not, strictly speaking, wildness.
And no bad music.

My musical tastes are still rather old-school.

Not quite as bad as the drumming for the galley slaves or the trumpeting at gladiatorial games but still pretty old-fashioned. I really wish that garage bands had castrati.

I disapprove heartily of drugs, and any nudeness there is, is best while sober, indoors, in a temperate environment.

I shall not risk dehydration and heat stroke while nude.

In any case, my nudity is a private matter.

I prefer not to disrobe.

In public.

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