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Friday, August 12, 2016


In one episode of Seinfeld, his neighbor (Cosmo Kramer) hospitably opens his apartment as a sanctuary for all the cast-out smokers, turning it into a cigar lounge of sorts.
This proves popular, as you would expect, and the overflow fills the hallway. Kramer is an engaging fellow, and smokers of all ages like him.

Actually, smokers easily appreciate anyone who not only tolerates them but warmly invites them in. We're tired of being shoved out into the cold at the curb near the garbage.

Yes, we understand that most people who will do that are businessmen who don't really love us, but are keen to steal our kidneys once we lower our shields and gaze distractedly elsewhere.

But often we're lonesome; we'll tolerate the sharks because.

Kramer represents the milk of human kindness.



If you live in California, you have started hearing about Proposition 56, which is yet another manifestation by obsessed puritans, much like so many other hateful propositions on past ballots. By raising the tax on tobacco products it intends to unfairly impose an additional financial burden on the poorest segments of the population, who can least afford to support the sneering sense of "we know better than you" by bourgeois do-gooders and busybodies, and it will lead to an increase in e-commerce and crime, with a concomitant loss of local jobs and revenue.

Personally, I begrudge local, state, and federal government every penny that their tax-burdening of tobacco sucks out of us, and cannot conceive of a single moral objection to smuggling, law breaking, and the black market.

[Why should smokers respect the law when the law does not respect them? The well-functioning of society is better served by reasonable compromise than by rigid enforcement of one single interpretation of orthodoxy.]

Please note that several lower tobacco tax states may see an economic improvement; Missouri, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, et autres.
That's money which will NOT be recirculated in California.
Don't spend where it isn't appreciated.

On a very closely related matter, I shall vote against legalizing marijuana (prop. 64), and wish to assert that even its alleged "therapeutic" use is little more than self-serving horse pucky by a bunch of smarmy pot heads.
If anyone huffs weed around others, they should be dissuaded.
With a baseball bat.

It is far better that your children be exposed to tobacco than that they ever have a joint.


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