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Sunday, August 07, 2016


According to a sanctimonious twat who is devious, truculent and unreliable, as well as an offensive missionary for Vegetarianism, the Chinese are not in the same category as himself.

Per Steven Patrick Morrissey, "You can't help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies."

Funny, that's what I often think about strident dickheads like Morrisey.

Nah, not going to comment on his music. There's just too much garbage in the audio world, one cannot listen to all of it.

Here is a passage about this paragon from Wikipedia:

"Morrissey is an advocate for animal rights and a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In recognition of his support, PETA honoured him with the Linda McCartney Memorial Award at their 25th Anniversary Gala on 10 September 2005. In 2012, he appeared in a PETA ad campaign, encouraging people to have their dogs and cats neutered to help reduce the number of homeless pets.

In January 2006, Morrissey attracted criticism when he stated that he accepts the motives behind the militant tactics of the Animal Rights Militia, saying "I understand why fur-farmers and so-called laboratory scientists are repaid with violence—it is because they deal in violence themselves and it's the only language they understand".

Morrissey has criticised people in the UK who are involved in the promotion of eating meat, specifically Jamie Oliver and Clarissa Dickson Wright – the latter already targeted by some animal rights activists for her stance on fox hunting. In response, Dickson Wright stated, "Morrissey is encouraging people to commit acts of violence and I am constantly aware that something might very well happen to me." The Conservative MP David Davis criticised Morrissey's comments, saying that "any incitement to violence is obviously wrong in a civilised society and should be investigated by the police". ] On 27 March 2006, Morrissey released a statement that he would not include any concert dates in Canada on his world tour that year—and that he supported a boycott of all Canadian goods—in protest against the country's annual seal hunt, which he described as a "barbaric and cruel slaughter".

In 2009 he briefly abandoned the main stage at the Coachella Festival, which was situated next to the food concession area. Upon his return he said, "The smell of burning animals is making me sick. I just couldn't bear it."

At a concert in Warsaw, Poland on Sunday, 24 July 2011, Morrissey caused more controversy when stating "We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, with 97 [sic] dead. Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Shit every day", in reference to the recent attacks of Anders Breivik in Norway on 22 July, which resulted in the killing of 69 people who were attending a Youth Labour Party camp on Utøya Island, and eight people working in and around a government building which was bombed. His statement has been seen as crude and insensitive. Morrissey later elaborated on his statement, saying, "If you quite rightly feel horrified at the Norway killings, then it surely naturally follows that you feel horror at the murder of ANY innocent being. You cannot ignore animal suffering simply because animals 'are not us.'"

[End quote.]

He sounds like a real piece.

To counter all the negative karma that Morrisey spews, this blogger intends to eat pork every single day this week, as well as bacon several times for the rest of the month.

I look forward to many omnomnomish repasts.

Animals are among my favourite foods.

Yummy with garlic and ginger.

Or scallion & dow see.

I might even have some KFC. Sometimes that hits all the spots. If there's one thing that food chains do well, it's fried chicken.
If they added bacon, it would be stellar.


Here are two very nice pork recipes: mui choi kau yiuk & suen choi paak yiuk

Here is an essay about steamed pork: laat chiu jing yiuk beng.

Snow cabbage and pork soup: suet choi yiuk si tong.

A yummy all-time Fukienese favourite: hong bak.

Crispy skin roast pork: cheui pei siu yiuk.

Delicious meatballs! lions heads.

Bon appétit!

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