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Monday, August 29, 2016


Not to anyone's surprise, Anthony Weiner has once again shown that he has a deep and abiding love for his penis. It's like father to him. Or a lover. His fondest memories, which he wants to share with the world and shout from the rooftops, are of his member.

I am frankly envious. While I'm attached to my own penis, I usually pay it no mind, and take it for granted. I kind of assume that it will always be there for me, and I certainly do not have jealous obsession with it that Anthony Weiner has for his.

Maybe he's worried about it wandering off if he isn't looking?

You know, cigarette smokers go outside the building every hour or so;
if you don't find them at their desk, perhaps they're on a break?

Maybe it needed to be by itself for a little while?

If you don't see it, no reason to worry.

It's bound to be somewhere near.

In any case, if you have seen Anthony Weiner's wiener, let him know.
He's been circulating photos in the hope that someone spotted it.

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