Tuesday, November 29, 2022


There are times when I wonder what my average reader is like. Though an average would reflect several strains of obsession and neuroses, given that my subject matter has ranged from politics through bile and irritation at my fellow human beings, crash-landing on food, porcelain, linguistics, caffeine, and tobacco. As well as several other things.

My average reader probably likes food, milk tea, or pipe tobacco.

Very probably a monk who has taken a vow of silence.

And has a stuffed imp as a companion.

So I occasionally look at my blog stats to find out what he or she is reading most. And all that tells me is that there are strangely obsessive people out there who use the internet.


Sunday, October 06, 2019
As you would expect, this is about tobacco, specifically about a company that closed its doors five years ago, after a run of forty plus years, leaving a whole bunch of obsessive types bereft and wailing, "oh no its the end of civilization the apocalypse is upon us whatever shall we do whatever shall we do!" They have my sympathy. I have enough of the product stashed away that I'm not particularly discomfitted myself, but my piles bleed for them.
The post in question describes their products.
And is rather boring.

Thursday, September 08, 2011
Again, about tobacco.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Oh jeez. That. Step by step instructions. I am a keen observer of the human condition, as well as quite impartial. Some of you desperately need help. Some of the rest of you may need medication or therapy. Or a manga babe pillow.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011
A festive Cantonese dish served at New Year. The ingredients, and how these are treated. The name of the dish sounds exactly like a good fortune wish.
Also excellent for other holiday meals.

Friday, November 04, 2022
Y'all reminded me of lamb curry. Which I like. There's a recipe in this essay and an illustration. Lamb curry is wonderful.
In fact, lamb curry would be a splendid change of pace from that dry tasteless bird for the holidays, and even your Anglo relatives will like it. Nobody in their right mind really wants turkey again, but a nice rich greasy lamb curry, glopped alongside some white rice, with a dish of sambal off to the side, and some chopped cucumbers to soothe the mouth, salty garlic peanuts for on top (or cashews treated the same way for peanut allergists), and pudding for dessert...... oh boy. Mango pudding!

Plus of course a nice cigar or a pipe afterwards, and some strong milk tea.
Enjoyed in the garage or woodshed, because of the non-smokers.
Who are probably all Vegans, and didn't eat.
They grabbed the living room.
And chanted.

Over twenty four thousand visitors this month.

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1 comment:

Alcyon said...

Over 24,000 visits!? There must be a way for you to monetise this, you can't just give it away man! Perhaps Musk will buy you out.

I came for the tobacco, quite a few years ago; one of many who landed here drawn by the siren song of Balkan Sobranie. I stay for the tobacco, and the general colour. And the baked goods. And milk tea, which I'm afraid to say I'm quite hooked on now; I owe you one.

A good eighty per cent of my smoking is some variation on the theme of Virginia. Ten per cent, codger burley, Sir Walter Raleigh, Granger, or the fantastic ERR match, in old, seasoned cobs. The other ten per cent, happening now, English or Balkan mixtures, smoked exclusively for a couple of weeks, then back to my GH flakes.

Today was S. Gawith's Perfection, Red Rapparee, Durbar, Aperitif, soon to fill an old Jambo meerschaum with GH Balkan.

My goodness, I truly miss the old London Mixture. I'd miss the new one, but it was never offered. I have fond memories, including having an indigent person, who looked rather unwashed, walking by me while waving their hands in front of their face to protest against the foul reek. Now that...that's a proper tobacco!

You sir, may have the brains and the looks, but I have a swingin' batchelor pad where smoking is not only allowed, it's mandatory.

Pity you never took to snuff, it was a Dutch thing. As a matter of fact, the Netherlands is where some of Samuel Gawith's original grinding machinery -oldest working machinery in the UK- ended up. No museum in the UK would have anything to do with tobacco equipment. Feh!

Thus far, the 21st century has been a grave disappointment.

Happily, there are pleasures and consolations to be had.

Good health to you sir!

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