Friday, November 11, 2022


As will not surprise you, the high drama over at twitter has not affected me in the slightest. What with being terminally unhip and not with it. Neither has the meltdown of Meta, or the fire-storm at Salesforce. Or any of the other e-disasters disrupting the yuppie world.
To the best of my knowledge, no one I know has been in any way affected either.

It's all cabbage as far as we're concerned.

Elon Musk IS cabbage.

We are the perfect audience for the Spam-calls regarding Medicare parts A and B as well as the funeral expenses calls. Those are a lot more exciting than any tweets could ever be.

Sadly, for the next few days I shall not hear the delicious Bombay Welsh accents of people named Michael or Peter, last name 'Smith', which bring pani puri or idli sambar to the tip of my mental tongue.

The only person who actually sounds subcontinental at work is the retired member of the judicial branch, who is of impeccable Ashkenazi antecedents, but sometime channels for various people name Rajeev or Sandhu, what with having a rich inner life as well as a jaundiced and luftmeshliche view of reality.

Neither the know-it-all Punjabi and the Ivy League South Indian sound Indian.
Nor have they EVER mentioned cricket. They probably would like to.
But they know that no one here shares that obsession.
We're kind of boring in a way.

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