Thursday, November 17, 2022


A gentleman whose FB page identifies him as "Chronic food hacker, host of "Top Secret Recipe," author of 12 clone recipe cookbooks, tolerates kale" posted a photo.
The comments underneath by his "fans" were just chockful of racism.
Lots of typical Anglo sneers, along very predictable lines.

Just one more reason to give fly-over country the fly over.

厚味香辣館 = Delicious Taste Fragrant Spicy Restaurant (hòu wèi xiāng là guǎn). 厚味 (hou wei) is the actual name of the place. 香辣 (xiāng là; "fragrant piquant") is what they serve.

Having nothing better to do at close to midnight, what with my legs being rather insufferable and keeping me from sleeping, I checked out the FB profiles of the trolls. Very many of them were retired, a large number were Canadian. I'm guessing, based on that, that our neighbor to the north is filled with insufferable old blisters and ignorant savages.
Much like Texas and Alabama, in other words.

That wasn't my experience the last time I visited. But I went to Vancouver, which is far more cosmopolitan and cultured than Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan.

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