Wednesday, November 02, 2022


In all honesty, I have no faith whatsoever that the American people will do the right thing, either in this coming election OR for several decades in the future. Their track record is pretty damned rancid. In a large part of this country they have time and again proven themselves opportunist Christian bigots happily in league with gangsters, thieves, populist blowhards, and snake oil salesmen.

Never more so than in 2016.

When y'all voted for Trump.
Promise the average American a hotdog -- especially if their neighbor won't get one -- and they'll leap on your bandwagon waving the flag and wearing team colours.

Anyhow, the Republicans have proven themselves very good (obedient) for big corporations, the trickle-down theory enriched some people, and the fundamentalist churches are thriving, so that was a pretty darn tasty hot dog.

It's all about the hotdogs.

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