Thursday, November 24, 2022


Today is the day we drop the turkeys from great height onto the parking lot, like sacks of wet cement. Turkeys can't fly, but they'll learn, sink or swim. We should try that with puritans too.
Heck, any number of people and things.

As you would expect, I am not screamingly enthusiastic about holidays.

If you don't have family, it's hard to get excited.

About the only thing I have planned today is afternoon tea and some vegetable shopping, and I hope I get to the bakery before all the Toishanese descend upon it and prevent me from getting a seat. Then a pipe, after which home for dinner -- my apartment mate is doing a roast, hence the need for veggies -- followed by plonking around with the computer.
Plonking on the computer is what the illustration above is about. The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Tiburon. A few hours of the Paint programme after reading the news. Derived from a photo, sort of Chinese landscape in style (which was quite accidental), and using stereotypic pretty pretty hues.

I've seen very similar stuff in photos and paintings by other people.
So it is in no way original.

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