Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Dawn is later, dusk earlier. Depending on the direction a building faces that can look like it's about to rain -- especially if the street is cast into shadow by the buildings -- or something fiery and hot. It's not hot in November. In SF. Cool to frigid, and quite cold at night.

Because I am more sensitive to cold than I used to be, I see amply built folks as a potential source of heat, combustible at worst, and thin folks wearing shorts and a tee-shirt as criminally careless about their core temperature.

Sensible people wear clothes. Undershirt, overshirt, sweater, and a coat. Bra optional, and dependent on certain factors. The Mansierre or 'Bro' is still fictional.

Being a scrawny fellow, I do not need a mansierre.

But I would advise women to ALWAYS go for a bra, whether they need to the support or not. It keeps the nipples from chafing. How horrible it must be to have nipples popping, chafed and freezing in the cold, cold wind. If I were a woman I would not want that. I've been told that purified lanolin or an appropriate unguent can soothe painful nipples, or, if it's really bad, even hydrogel burn bandages, which should NOT be applied if the area is fully raw and moderate- to high-exuding.

And that's quite enough about nipples. This post is NOT about nipples.
For men they are of little importance in any case.
We don't obsess over them.

Went to one of my regular restaurants late in the afternoon, after a throng had left, of which there was still evidence. The only customers in the place were two old couples having early dinners and a Northerner waiting for take-out. Surprised the waitress by ordering 海鮮燴飯 ('hoi sin wui faan'; seafood ragout over rice) instead of what I usually get (涼瓜煎蛋飯 'leung gwaa tsin daan faan'; bittermelon omelette and rice), which also surprised the chef there, who realized that I had read the words. Lofan who can read are sufficiently rare that I startle people. Which is nice, because I am a very humble and diffident arrogant prick, and both don't and do like favourable attention, a self-effacing show-off. Lunch was a preamble to a good smoke. Pipe bought from Mary Pulvers two decades ago.
It's dark outside right now, and cold, barely forty degrees. I think I'll wait a while before heading out for a smoke. Should be better with the sunlight.

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