Tuesday, November 29, 2022


From a friend's Facebook post: "Public service announcement: if you intend to use a coupon, read every last one of the words on it and make absolutely sure that you completely understand all the terms and conditions prior to approaching the register. If you do not make sure to do this, *don’t* assume that your failure to understand said terms and conditions is somehow the cashier’s fault. It is yours. Entirely yours and nobody else’s. And if you want to talk to the cashier like they’re an idiot because *you* misunderstood something, please go spend some time withdrawn from society doing deep introspection about yourself."

Please note that this is very polite. And yes, he deals with idiots on a daily basis.

As do so many of us.
A friend who works in a bookstore deals with fewer of them, naturally, but he still gets a fair number, regularly. Let's face it, most of our fellow citizens should never have been let out of junior high at best, and many of them are functionally dumber than bricks.

This explains why cannibalism, inbreeding, and republicans are endemic in the interior.
As well as recurring problems in the suburbs.

Soap advertisements on television every day function as repetitive positive reinforcement. Without them, most people would soon forget to wash, deadly diseases would spread unchecked, and before you know it vast herds of happy bison would roam the newly unpopulated zone between Treasure Island and Manhattan.

There would be no more Twitter.

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